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Susan, my mother loves you and wants to keep you. Now come downstairs and help me detatch one of Aderyn's sprogs from my leg. Please.


Merlin, the majority of my friends have holed themselves up now that OWLs and NEWTs are here. I've been forced to study out of sheer boredom. But I just wanted to pop up and wish a very special girl a Happy Birthday! You'll be able to go to Muggle pubs now, you lucky thing, you but I still go anyway.

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And as for what we spoke about earlier, count me in.

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It turns out that I recovered just in time to be in the play. Don't worry Ernie and Vati and everyone else, I have memorised my lines - although judging by some of the entries I wrote while sick, I can imagine other people are worried I have my journal back. All I can say about their content is "wow," and not in a good way. Pomfrey should have really confiscated them from all of us the moment we set foot in the hospital wing.

The funny thing is that in spite of how many people I've offended, I don't actually remember writing any of it. I do remember having reoccuring dreams about being poked with a stick though and having things land on my head though, funnily enough. So to everyone I'd just like to offer a blanket apology, and to a very special lady and the best surrogate big sister any bloke could wish for, I'd just like to say...

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Still sick. Was part of luckiest sandwich in school with Ginny Weasley in bed on one side of me and Hermione Granger in other, but O Former Head Girl up and left me and now not-so-lucky sandwich. Boo!

But have decided to be productive since stole journal back from Stephen when he came to visit brother, so will write out Top Ten List like Zabini. Perhaps too late to make Song, but Top Ten List anyway, soo...

Top Ten Reasons Why Susan Should Nott Marry Pun Name Man

10. Because are more creative ways to end life, like throwing self off Gryffindor Tower. Except Stephen Cornfoot would catch you if nearby, so wouldn't work. Get Nott to catch you instead, then would work.

9. Because really do Nott need more things in world for Zacharias to get angry about.

8. Because is pillock. Are plenty of guys who are Nott pillock. Like Boot and Thomas and Goldstein and Wayne and Ernie (if last two Nott too incestuous) and even Entwhistle and Harper okay at times. Oh, you know who else is Nott pillock? Cornfoot!

7. Because wizarding population small enough without idea of Nott getting some to put rest of us off.

6. Because on that note, Nott procreating is enough to put rest of us off. Who'd want children again?

5. Because you know what would be nice family line to continue? Cornfoot! And no, am Nott talking about waiting until Christopher older. Or becoming lesbian and somehow knocking Rachel up. Though that still be preferable.

4. Because am sure are better places to wear white dress. Fun and Nott Mean Patil tells me is becoming more fashionable and is okay to wear to parties, so long as Nott near clumsy blokes who spill drink on you.

3. Because Cornfoot would be better in bed. Do Nott know from experience (of course you silly), but just need to look at personalities. Stephen nice and considerate and fun and Nott virgin, which means better in bed. Ta-da!

2. Because do Nott need to become lesbian to do better.

1. Because is Nott! Silly Susan!

Oops, must hide because Stephen coming back. Why must visit brother so much? Why can someone who not like brother and not visit so much then have taken journal instead? Sh whoopsie.


Yaaaaaaahoo! We lost the game, but we won! We won! Susan, you were magnificent, making that last minute save and then picking out Hannah and lobbing the Quaffle to her and Hannah - what a goal! You totally saved us today! You know that you're special when Zacharias hugs you of your own accord. I hope you've recovered and got your breath back from that.

Devon, don't feel too bad about not getting the Snitch, mate. Malfoy was being a tit and was clearly bidding his time until he'd have enough points for us to lose the Cup. But we didn't and you made it very difficult for him. Wayne, you did very well with Bulstrode's Bludgers. She was a real handful, but you kept us Chasers in it.

And Trace and Zabini - loved the commentary. Loved it. Though wished the megaphone wasn't quite so loud. Except Trace, don't think Zacharias was thrilled with the comments of how the sun glistened off his hair. Thanks for covering for Luna though.

And now - Party in the Den! Right now! Yeeeehaaaaa!

I should have got that Quaffle. I was nearer than Hannah, and unmarked too. Oh well. Maybe the alcohol will stop my head hurting. That has to be it. Withdrawal symptoms.


You know, I'm very happy I'm not in the seventh years' shoes at the moment. Here I was thinking that OWLs were difficult, but compared to what you fellows are currently going through, they were a walk in the park.

Though...if I was a seventh year, then I'd be pretty close to being finished. As an ickle sixth year, I still have a year of all that ahead of me, and then some. It's all waiting, just around the corner...

Merlin, I wish I was a seventh year. I suppose it's in where you're standing.

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Italy is a beautiful country, but not so much when you can't sight-see. As we're stuck in Stephen's villa for the next few days, I found myself a little short of things to do. And since O Current Head Girl was kind enough to evaluate and rank us boys and provide momentos, I decided to return the favour.

To provide a more balanced view, Justin gave each girl a rating as well and then we added them together and make the lowest amount one, the next lowest two, and so on. Whenever we had a tie, Stephen decided the difference. He and Juffy get a full set for helping, as do the fellas who are still here. There aren't much left to go around, but if you have a special request tell me and I'll try to reserve it for you.

Note that this is meant in good fun, and while Juffy and I have fairly different tastes in girls, we tend not to go for the serious ones, so if you are and are rated accordingly, it doesn't mean that you're not a catch, and that there's not some other bloke out there who won't fancy you. Unless you're a DE sympathiser, then your low ranking is your own damn fault. Additionally we're not trying to score from this, though if you want to express your thanks in that way, I wouldn't say no. Joking!

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All love or hate should be submitted to Cadwallader or Justin. If you want to thank me, drop a word and I'll tell you how (or not). If you want to retaliate, feel free to make up your own list.

OOC: Thanks to celebren and other people who helped me hunt down pictures.


Public service announcement: Susan Bones is on hiatus and she gave me her journal for safekeeping until she gets back to Hogwarts. So she won't be reading what anyone has to say to her. If it's urgent though, I'm here with her in Italy so contact me and I'll pass your message onto her. But I'll ask to know what it is first, and I'll pass it on only if it truly is urgent. No whinging because the strap of your favourite shoe broke or because you got in trouble with the headmistress.



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